DIY Easter Party Favors

I am sharing how to make a fun, cute and inexpensive favor for Easter!!

This is not my original idea by any means.  I was at the local candy store and saw that Jelly Belly makes these treats, but they were selling for $4.99 each!!  I had all the supplies at home so I made my own for an Easter party that I will share very soon!

Since then, I googled it and saw this over on Family Fun:

Gumballs, fuzzy sticks, and disposable decorating bags

Fill the bag with as many gum balls as you’d like and twist a green fuzzy stick…..that’s it!! 

Aren’t these fun?

I will be posting my Easter party pics later this week.  If you’d like some inspiration I pulled together with Fresh Chick Design Studio from last year, you can go HERE.

Have you made any cute Spring party favors?

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