How to make a rustic wedding centerpiece


Happy Monday friends! It has been so cold in Arizona….we are freezing! 🙂

I am sharing how to make this gorgeous centerpiece! Well….it is not my original idea Nikki from Tikkido is super amazingly talented. I love her crafty ideas. Be sure to check out her blog some time!

Here are the pretty pictures Nikki snapped.  Yes! she has wonderful photography skills as well.  In Nikki’s words:

I started by heading out to the woodpile in the backyard, and selected a few good-looking thick branches (about 3-4″ in diameter)


Next, it was time to pull out the power tools.  I used a miter saw, but honestly, I probably should have pulled out the table saw.  Whatever method you use, take proper safety precautions and make parallel cuts so that even if the slice of log leans a bit, it will sit flat on the ground and have a flat surface on top.


Use a 1.5″ wide spade drill bit to drill a hole in the top of each log segment.  The wide paddle shape of this specialty drill bit will cut a hole in the wood the perfect size to hold a tea light.



As it is, this would make a beautiful rustic winter centerpiece.  But I wanted to make it romantic and perfect for Valentine’s day–and that meant carving initials in a heart on the largest branch candle-holder.   Initially, I thought I’d use a wood-burning tool, like I did in this rustic carved initial floral centerpiece tutorial (  But I have absolutely no idea where I put that tool. Oops.  It was time to get creative.


Of course, if you wanted to go completely classic and authentic, a pocket knife would be the perfect tool.  I don’t have one of those, unfortunately.  Or maybe fortunately.  I’m not so good at carving.  I eyed my nice Henckels knives, but didn’t want to subject them to that kind of abuse.  And then, a flash of inspiration:  a cuticle cutter from a manicure kit!  I have two girls.  We have about a bazillion of those kinds of things around the house.



It worked perfectly.  I thought I might have to color some pigment in the carved lines, but nope.  The carved out bits were darker and absolutely perfect, and using the cuticle cutter to gouge out the heart and initials was a dream.

A romantic, rustic, simple, inexpensive centerpiece, ready for your valentine’s day sweetheart or a winter wedding.

Isn’t this beautiful!? I love it!   Thank you Nikki.  You are so creative!

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