DIY Easter Topiary

easter centerpiece 2

I have been wanting to make a cute topiary!  Most of the supplies I used were from a yard sale and Goodwill.  This craft was easy and didn’t take a long time.

Here’s what I used:


I’m not joking, but these foam balls were not in good shape…..found at a yard sale for $.50 cents!

I started taking apart my flowers and used my glue gun to add to the foam ball.


Add the flowers all around until your ball is completely covered.


I wanted to add something on the middle of each flower.  I had these pearl necklaces from a yard sale as well.  I cut each pearl, but there was a tiny piece of thread at the top.  I added glitter to each pearl to cover up the little thread.

topiary supplies

Glitter makes everything cuter!!

yellow topiary

I put the topiary in a glass jar full of Easter candy.  You like?

This could be a pretty decoration on your table or around the house next to a cute “Happy Easter” sign.


Have you made topiaries before?  Aren’t they fun?

If you’d like to share your topiary, visit my current Link Party.

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