Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Hi everyone, this is Britni from Play. Party. Pin. and today I am so excited to be sharing the easiest homemade Valentine’s Day cards ever. The best part about these cards is that you can really make a ton of them in just a few minutes so they would be perfect when you need to give out a lot of cards.



You’ll most likely have all of the supplies to make these cards on hand. All you’ll need is:

  • Scrapbook paper in fun Valentine’s Day colors (pink, red, purple) or patterns
  • Scrapbook paper in a solid color that contrasts with the Valentine’s Day patterns (black, white)
  • White cardstock
  • Red or pink marker or a Valentine’s Day “I adore you” stamp
  • Scissors
  • A gluestick


Step 1: Cut out 3×5 inch rectangles from the white cardstock and 2.75 inch x 4.75 inch rectangles from the patterned scrapbook paper. Repeat until you have one white rectangle and one scrapbook paper rectangle for each card you need to make. Glue one of the long edges of the patterned scrapbook paper to one of the white cardstock rectangles.

Gluing card to page

Step 2: Cut out a small heart from the solid colored scrapbook paper by folding the paper in half and cutting half of a heart shape.This will give you a perfectly symmetrical heart.

cutting final

Step 3:Β Glue the heart onto the front of the card on the right edge, right in the middle vertically, like a doorknob.

card with doorknob final

Step 4: Open the card and either write or stamp “I adore you,” or “I a-door you” on the inside if you want the cleverness of the card to be more obvious.

stamping step

one card finished

You could also create a variety of cards and use a combination of different sayings like “I a-door you,” and “You are a-door-able.” And that’s it, the easiest homemade Valentine’s Day cards ever.

Three cards flat

three cards standing horiztonal

Want more easy homemade Valentine’s Day ideas? These Valentine’s Day washi hearts are about as easy as they get.

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