How to Host a Party on a Budget

Tips to host party on a budget

Are you wondering how to host a birthday party for your child and keep it all under a budget?  Well…..I’m here to share my tips with you!  There are tons of other tips out there and I will keep bringing you more fun ideas every Thursday.  We can call it “Party Tips on Thursdays!”…..sounds cool right?  Here’s the top 20 and they are sooooooo easy!

Birthday Express

  1. Send an evite to your guests. Don’t print or mail invites 
  2. Keep your guest list under 10 kids
  3. Host the party in your backyard or at the park
  4. Choose a time for the party that isn’t lunch or dinner time
  5. Schedule the party for no more than 2 hours
  6. Serve light snacks, fruit and veggies with dips is always a great option
  7. Offer two things to drink- always water and kool-aid or home-made punch
  8. Bake a cake or cupcakes not both 
  9. If you’d like your cake or cupcakes to look custom made- add sprinkles, lollipops and/or candy. Target and Walmart are great at adding whatever you want on your cake and it’s not expensive
  10. Set up your desserts and candy on a 6ft table or a rectangular piece of furniture covered with a plastic tablecloth
  11. Make jello for the kids in colors to match your party. Kids love it and it’s inexpensive!
  12. Recycle 3-4 glass jars for the candy
  13. Candy can be gumballs, tootsie rolls, sixlets and gummy bears
  14. Dress up your jars with scrapbook paper, ribbon, washi tape, rhinestones and more
  15. Buy party supplies, plates, cups, napkins, etc from your local .99 cents store or Dollar Tree
  16. Make party hats with scrapbook paper
  17. Blow up balloons everywhere and let the kids take some home
  18. Play classic games with the kids such as musical chairs, bean bag toss, pin the tail on the donkey, bingo, etc
  19. Oriental Trading is my favorite store to buy favors and prizes
  20. Have your child hand write thank you notes on scrapbook paper instead of buying thank you cards.

Happy party planning my friends!  Do you have any other tips to share?  I’d love to hear!!!

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